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General Education


COVID-19 Update: GE/2021 now GE/2022
Before COVID-19, the Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB) worked closely with students, faculty, staff, and administrators to implement Senate's changes to GE(opens in new window).  From the first week of Fall 2019, CAB worked in a transparent and consultative(opens in new window) process: we met every milestone(opens in new window) to implement the revised program in Fall 2021, as mandated by EM 19-021.  Then came COVID-19.  For understandable reasons, EPPC canceled its meeting on March 26 (when the GE Minors were scheduled to appear as EPPC Introduction Items), and then Senate Executive Committee voted to postpone consideration of all GE Minors.  Nevertheless, Chico State students, faculty, staff and administrators have produced a set of GE Minors, posted online and shared with Department Chairs since April, which will be introducd in EPPC and Senate in September, 2020.  Chico State looks forward to launching a refreshed GE curriculum in Fall 2022.