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General Education

Criteria for Reviewing Names of Pathways and GE Minors

From September 10 to September 20, in an open forum and accompanying survey and focus groups, the campus explored possible improvements to the subjects and names of Pathways and GE Minors as an important step in the implementation of senate's changes to general education, which will take effect in Fall 2021.  In the next step of the process, in four open meetings from September 24 to October 22, the Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB) will review the campus input and make recommendations using the following criteria and evidence.

Are the names interesting, understandable, and relevant to students?

Evidence: Pathway enrollment; Five-Year Review, including 2017 survey; 2019 Campus Forum and accompanying survey and focus groups; and feedback from employers and the Career Center.

Do the names reflect the GE Program Values and University Strategic Priorities?

Evidence:Definitions of GE Program Values from EM 19-021 (GE Program Values - Intellectual Curiosity; Civic Engagement; Sustainability; Diversity; Creativity; and Global Engagement); and Updated University Strategic Plan(opens in new window) (University Strategic Priorities - Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Civic and Global Engagement; and Resilient and Sustainable Systems).

Are the names defined enough for thematic cohesion?

Evidence: Five-Year Review, including 2017 survey; and 2019 Campus Forum and accompanying survey and focus groups.

Are the names broad enough to include Upper-Division Subject Areas?

Evidence: EO 1100 definitions of Subject Areas B (Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning), C (Arts and Humanities), and D (Social Sciences).

Are the names complementary to existing programs but not duplicative?

Evidence: University Catalog.

Can the names incorporate existing Upper-Division GE courses and at least three Lower-Division GE courses (with possible change of course title)?

Evidence: GE Planning Sheet. (PDF) If a Pathway and GE Minor requires a new GE course (or courses), "in consultation with Academic Advising, the Enrollment Management Advisory Committee, and college deans, CAB may recommend a call for new GE course proposals in one or more areas based on programmatic needs" (EM 19-021).

Can the recommended set of names include all existing Upper-Division GE Courses?

Evidence: Upper-Division GE Courses. (PDF) Note: any final combination of Pathways must include all existing Upper-Division GE courses.