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GE Policy Documents

  • Effective March 2018, EM 18-005 supercedes EM 10-01: Approval of General Education Program at CSU, Chico
  • EO 1100: CSU General Education Breadth Requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1:  Student has been here many years but has not taken any courses in an UD Theme.  Does he/she use crosswalk or just pick a pathway?  A:  She must pick a pathway.  Crosswalk is only for students who have already taken at least one GE Theme course.

Q2:  If a student registered at Chico or a community college before Fall 2012, will he ever have to do a GE capstone?  A:  No.  New GE requirements apply only to students who begin the college career Fall 2012 or later.

Q3:  Do the capstone substitutions count for the WI that the students would have gotten with the GE capstone? A:  Yes.

Q4:  A student took two courses in a Theme, and wishes to take a third course that was in the Theme and is still in GE, but is not in one of the cross-walked pathways.  Is a manual substitution request required for this?  A:  Yes.  And the course must still be in UD.

Q5:  Whenever we substitute one course for another, does the student get credit for ALL the features of the course being replaced such as USD, GC, and WI?  A:  No. Only the attributes of the substituted course will accrue to the student.

Q6:  At what point substitutions be authorized in the DPR?  Can it be right after the student has registered and before the course even begins, or does it have to be after the course is completed?  A: Any time.

Q7:  For students who enrolled at CSU, Chico prior to Fall 2012, how many WI must they take?  A: None

Q8:  Students who transferred here after completing two years at a community college:  Do they only have to take UD or must they do LD GE if the courses they took at the CC do not fulfill all the LD requirements?  A:  They must complete any remaining LD requirements as well as UD requirements.

Q9:  Can GE courses taken before 2012 that are now in Pathways count toward the Pathway minors?  A:  Yes.