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General Education

GE Committee (CAB)

The GE Committee, or Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB), is responsible for making recommendations to the Provost or designee on the implementation, monitoring, and development of the GE program. In consultation with appropriate disciplinary faculty, it is responsible for the coordination of assessment and the addition or deletion of individual courses as well as any proposed substitutions. Since CAB will advise the Provost on a major university program, it may either initiate advice or respond to requests for advice.

In 2020-21, CAB meets on alternating Mondays from 1-2:50.  All meetings are open to the public on Zoom.

2020-21 Members

Curriculum Advisory Board Chair

Jason Nice(opens in new window), History 

Faculty Representatives

Cindy Daley

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Diana Shepherd, Child Development

Bob Madrigal, Finance and Marketing

Communication and Education
Chang Lee, Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management

Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management
Kevin Taylor, Computer Animation and Game Development

Humanities and Fine Arts
Jason Nice, History

Marc Langston

Natural Sciences
Carolynn Arpin, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Additional Members

EPPC Representative (Appointed by EPPC)
Rick Ford, Mathematics and Statistics Department

Student Representatives (Appointed by AS President)
Ella Snyder, Associated Students Director of University Affairs

Advising (ex-officio)
Kelly McGregor, Academic Advising Programs 

Provost’s Designee (ex-officio)
Kate McCarthy, Dean of Undergraduate Education 

Pathway Coordinators

For Pathway advising, please email a Pathway Coordinator to ask a question or request a Zoom meeting.

Diversity Studies
Nathaniel Heggins Bryant, English. 

Ethics, Justice & Policy
Doris Schartmueller, Political Science and Criminal Justice

Food Studies
Maria Giovanni, Nutrition and Food Science

Gender & Sexuality
Christine Leistner, Public Health and Services Administration

Global Development Studies
Sarah Anderson, International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 

Great Books & Ideas
Heather Werner, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Health & Wellness
Luciana Zuest, Kinesiology

International Studies
Dean Fairbanks, Geography and Planning

Science, Technology & Values
Corey Sparks, English

Nate Millard, Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management, First-Year Experience

Meeting Agendas

In 2020-21, CAB meets on alternating Mondays from 1:00 to 3:00.  View and download CAB meeting agendas from our shared online folder. Meeting agendas are available on the Friday preceding a CAB meeting.

Meeting Minutes

View and download CAB meeting minutes from our shared online folder.