Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB) 2018-2019

Curriculum Advisory Board Chair

Jason Nice, History 

College Representatives


Betsy Boyd 

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Ellie Ertle, Political Science


Gary Braun, Accounting

Communication and Education

Nanhee Kim, Media Arts, Design, and Technology

Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management

Pablo Cornejo-Warner, Civil Engineering 

Humanities and Fine Arts

Christine Goulding, International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Natural Sciences

Christopher Nichols, Chemistry

Non-college Members

Library Representative

Irene Korber

EPPC Representative (Appointed by EPPC Chair)

Heather Altfeld-Fisher

Student Representative (Appointed by AS President)

Trevor Guthrie, Director of Legislative Affairs

Advising (ex-oficio)

Kelly McGregor, Academic Advising Program 

Provost’s Designee (ex-oficio)

Kate McCarthy, Interim Dean of Undergraduate Education 

Pathway Coordinators

Diversity Studies

Ayde Enriquez-Loya, English

Ethics, Justice & Policy

Chiara Ferrari, Media Arts, Design, and Technology

Food Studies

Julie Holland, Nutrition and Food Sciences

Gender & Sexuality

Diana Flannery, Health and Community Services

Global Development Studies

Sarah Anderson, International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Great Books & Ideas

Laird Easton, History

Health & Wellness

Jason Clower, Comparative Religion and Humanities

International Studies

Jason Nice, History

Science, Technology & Values

Zanja Yudell, Philosophy


Don Miller, Biology