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General Education

Call for New Courses


"Once a year, in consultation with Academic Advising, the Enrollment Management Advisory Committee, and college deans, CAB may recommend a call for new GE course proposals in one or more areas based on programmatic needs and historical and projected student demand data. The date and rationale will be publicly available at If there is no need for additional courses in any Subject Area, Subarea, upper-division Pathway, or GE Minor there will be no call for new courses to GE" (EM 19-021)


On January 21, 2020, by a unanimous vote, CAB approved the following GE Areas/Pathways for a Call for Courses. 

  1. Historical and Projected Student Demand

    • Academic Advising consultation recommended adding courses in Upper-Division Areas B, C, and D.  However, CAB determined that the restructured Pathways for Fall 2021 reduced the need for additional courses in Areas B and C.  Instead, CAB recommends a call in
      • Upper-Division Area D, Health and Wellness.
  2. Programmatic Needs

    • Due to program changes in EO 1100's definition of Area B4, which includes "traditional mathematics" in addition to courses in "computer science, personal finance, statistics or discipline-based mathematics or quantitative reasoning courses, for example," CAB recommends a call in
      • Lower-Division B4 (Currently A4) Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning
    • Due to program changes in EM 19-021, which created new Pathways and redesigned some existing Pathways, CAB recommends a call in
      • Upper-Division B, Equity, Ethics, and Policy (including quantitative reasoning areas)
      • Upper-Division B, Innovation, Design, and the Arts (including quantitative reasoning areas)
      • Upper-Division B, Race, Ethnicity, and Sovereignty (including quantitative reasoning areas)
      • Upper-Division B, Sustainability and Climate Change (including quantitative reasoning areas)
      • Upper-Division D, California: People, Place, and Cultures
      • Upper-Division D, Innovation, Design and the Arts

Note: During the process of identifying programmatic needs, CAB worked with Departments and Colleges to address programmatic needs with existing courses, and reduced the number of areas of "programmatic need" significantly from the first consultation with the College Deans.  During the call for new courses, where possible, CAB will continue to advocate for the use of existing GE classes to address aforementioned programmatic needs by prioritizing (1) existing GE courses (on the GE Planning Sheet), (2) existing GE course substitutions, (3) existing non-GE courses, and (4) new courses.