General Education

GE Minors Retreat

February 4-5, 2022

With $50,000 from the Graduation Initiative, 40 faculty met to develop descriptions and learning outcomes for the new/revised GE Minors, align courses to these outcomes, and identify strategies for building and maintaining cohesion across the program: 

Agriculture, Food, and the Environment
Maria Giovanni
Julie Holland
Ana Medic
Quinn Winchell
Hossein Zakeri

California Studies
Melody Yeager-Struthers
Jason Clower
Susan Riggins
Colum Yip

Equity, Ethics, and Policy
Ellie Ertle
Erin Horst
Sandrine Matiasek

Health and Wellness
Jolene Barry
Angela Harter Alger
Deborah Bellis
Josh Trout

Gender and Sexuality
Christine Leistner
Rebecca Brunelli
Sarah Gagnebin

Global Studies
Sinwoo Lee
William Dantona
Keiko Goto
Daniel Veidlinger

Innovation, Design, and the Arts
Corey Sparks
Heather Altfeld
Forrest Hartman
Jennifer Meadows

Race, Ethnicity, and Sovereignty
Nathaniel Heggins Bryant
Aydé Enriques-Loya
Robert Jiles
Lateasha Meyers
Gabby Medina Falzone

Science, Technology, and Society
Phil Clements
Aaron Draper

Sustainability and Climate Change
Nate Millard
Nicholas Janos
Mark Stemen

All faculty who taught courses in the GE Minors in the past two semesters were invited to participate.

retreat photo