Writing Intensive Courses

Intensive Writing

Intensive Writing

Suggested Writing Elements in WI Courses in GE

Writing intensive courses are a method of putting programmatic emphasis on student writing within a range of courses and providing support for student writing in those courses.  


Suggestions for Managing the Paper Load

One of the main reasons faculty decide to reduce or remove the writing assignments in their classes is time: the class time of teaching and assigning writing and the office time of responding to it.  Fortunately, pedagogical research has identified effective practices that are both sensible and time-efficient in assigning and responding to writing.


Strategies for Responding to Writing

Reading the monographs and research articles of their disciplines, professors are sensitive and attentive readers who read quickly for the complexities of arguments, assess uses of logic and sources of proof, and formulate nuanced responses.  We are capable of reading a text in multiple and even contradictory ways, depending on our purposes. 


Structuring Peer Critique Workshops

Peer critique workshops are a central component of both GE Writing Intensive courses and WritingProficiency classes in majors because they teach students to critically analyze their own and others' writing, motivate substantial revision and active learning, build community in the classroom, and model the collaborative nature of much workplace writing. 


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