Evolution (BIOL 302)

Multiple Drafts and Revision Sample from the Biology 302 course

WritingRequirement: Biology 302 is a writing intensive course. The procedure for all written assignments requires that you to turn in your paper on the date due after which they will be edited and returned to you within one week, you will have one additional week to make the editorial changes and then turn the final paper in for a grade.

The first paper is due in class on 23 September and should deal with your impressions of how knowledge of evolution affects the way you view some area of life. Possibilities include views on politics, competition of any kind, concepts of past and future, notions of a "purpose" in life, animal rights, the evolutionary basis of dietary customs or relations between the sexes. This paper should not exceed three type written, double-spaced, one-inch margin pages, 12 pt., Times New Roman type.

Your second paper is due in class on 24 October and the topic will be on the biological basis of an evolutionary trait (e.g. walking in hominids, flight, or digestive systems in ruminants) or the evolutionary history of a particular taxonomic group (e.g. cacti, vultures, or hominids)

Your third paper is due on 11 November. This work should address a current topic in evolution or evolution and society. Creationism and evolution is not an appropriate topic for this course. This work should be approximately eight typewritten, double-spaced, one-inch margin pages, 12 pt., Times New Roman type using the APA format. This work should be well-researched and referenced with at least five publications!

Please be sure to review your papers for spelling, grammar, and proper citation format. Please see the university policy on plagiarism.