American Ethnic and Regional Writers (ENGL 264)

Multiple Drafts and Revision Sample from English 264

Written Communication: this is a writing intensive course; you will, of course, do a lot of writing. In fact, you will write every day. The daily writing assignments will provide stepping stones toward the final paper which will also be broken down into measured steps that will include feedback and revision. The lofty goal is for you to write the best paper you have yet written so that you can use it as a model for future writing.

Paper: There will be a final paper for the class. It will be a standard-textual-analysis-English-major-type paper. I realize you don't yet know what this is, so we will work on it as we move toward the end of the semester. The in-class writing assignments, and the feedback you receive on them, will all work toward helping you understand what these papers need to accomplish rhetorically and how they need to do it. The research you conduct in the "Active Inquiry/Creativity" VISTA assignments will provide some topics and directions for these final papers.