Environmental Rhetoric (ENGL 338)

Peer Critiquing/Editing and Revision Workshop Sample in English 338

Writing and Revision.  English 335 rests upon the assumption that writing is a struggle to make sense of ideas, and that that struggle happens over time, between and among people in reading, writing, and discussion.  Writing is an extension of our thoughts and conversations; it is the place where we enter into debates and state our sense of the issues at hand. Our sense of things is always deepening and developing, and so should our writing.  Therefore, revision will be an ongoing part of this class.

Written Peer Response.  We will frequently read each other's writing and offer feedback, support, and critique.  This work is critical to everyone's success.  Students have often said that they come to understand their work most deeply when they talk and write to each other about texts and ideas.  They also say that writing the response helps them to reflect on their own approach to an assignment by seeing how other students handled a similar task.  So written peer feedback offers an immediate audience that should be very useful at all stages of your inquiry.

Focus your comments on the ideas and arguments in the drafts, not on grammar.  Circle any typos or grammatical errors on the drafts if you want to, but please do not comment on grammar in the written response you write.  Ask the writer questions, provide ideas about sources, and comment on ideas, organization, and soon.  You should also expect to give the writer at least 3 or 4 ideas for next steps or revision.  More detail about the process we'll be using and the goals for our peer critique workshops can be found here, at this webpage.