Literature, Politics, and Activism (ENGL 356)

Teach Feedback on Writing Sample in English 356

This course is writing-intensive, including two short papers (4-5 pages each), one term paper(8-10 pages), and regular paragraph-length responses.

Primary SLOs covered:

Written Communications, through regular writing assignments and 3 formal papers which require students to communicate ideas clearly and cogently and develop a well-reasoned argument. My rubric assesses writing's effectiveness in four key categories:

Thesis (does the paper have a clear and sustained central argument?) Work with the text (does the paper summon evidence from the texts in support of its argument and use that support fairly and effectively?) Organization(do the support paragraphs and individual argumentative points flow together through use of strong topic sentences and transitions?) Presentation(is the prose grammatically sound and are the citation conventions demonstrative of a scholarly standard for engaging other authors' work?)

Because this course aims to be designated as a writing-intensive one, assignments will include frequent writing and rewriting, in diverse modes (expository, persuasive, personal reflection, etc.) in lieu of formal exams: regular assignments that call for a well-organized and well-supported paragraph (200-250 words); two short papers (4-5 pages); and a substantial final research paper, consisting of an annotated bibliography, formal proposal,and final draft (8-10 pages). Each larger writing assignment (the two short papers and the final paper) will be revised and resubmitted after students first get them back.