Human Sexuality (HCSV 265)

A Variety of Genres or Kinds of Writing Sample in Human Sexuality 265


Early Messages Paper(15 pts.)

Interview three persons concerning their early sexual learning. At least 1 of the interviewees must not be currently enrolled in HCSV 265, another must be over 50 years of age, and one of another gender than yourself. In addition, one interviewee must be of another ethnicity, religion, country of origin, or sexual orientation than yourself. See page in this syllabus for directions.

Article Response (5@ 25 pts)

Prepare for discussion by reading, answering questions and reflecting on article assignments in the course reading packet. Submit your answers via VISTA by 11 am on the date assigned. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. The questions are available on the VISTA course homepage: "Article Questions". Use the "Assignment"tool to submit your answers. Your submissions should include:

article # & title The review questions(abbreviated). Please answer using the numbered question format.Your answers to the questions in the course packet any opinions, disagreements or comments regarding the reading

Your answers will be graded on:

1)    Use of sources (it should be clear that you have read and understand the readings). Unless only your opinion is requested, there are right and wrong answer to the questions. Read carefully and respond thoughtfully, giving significant evidence that you have read the article thoroughly.

2)    When your opinion is requested be thoughtful and thorough.

3)    Clarity of response – organizationally, grammatically, and expressively,

4)    General effort – format, typography, and grammatically accurate. ANSWER using the structure provided.

5)    Thorough assignments are usually 2 – 3 full pages

You MUST be able to successfully submit assignments via VISTA. You are allowed only ONE "problem" submission (wrong software, etc.) that results in you having to submit as an attachment on VISTA email.

Assigned Articles (PDFs on VISTA):

Article#1: Transgressing sex and gender: Deconstruction zone ahead?

Article#2: The limits of conscientious objection – May Pharmacists refuse to fill prescriptions for Emergency Contraception?

Article#3: Comparison of men's and women's attempts to dissuade sexual partners from the couple using condoms

Article#4: Extra dyadic involvement during dating

Article#5: The Pleasure of the Pain: Why some people need S & M

InBrief:Eroticizing Safer Sex Project (25 pts)

What would your undies say if they had the last word in safe sex and STI prevention? Communication is key to your sexual health - a simple chat BEFORE you get naked can help stop the spread of STDs, HIV and unplanned pregnancies. Start the conversation now by designing a pair of boxers or panties with a design or message that says that YOU'RE GOING TO PLAY SAFE. Your artwork and slogan must focus on a truth or fact about STD/HIV transmission or prevention, sexual consent, or sexual health. Any medical information presented must be scientifically accurate (ISIS; InBrief; Entries that are obscene, pornographic, disparaging of individuals or groups will be returned without earning a grade.


1)    Submit one pair of underwear decorated with your message/slogan in a large manila envelope with your name on the outside on the announced due date(s).

2)    Submit a typed, printed reference for the fact you based your message on. This must be a credible public health source for STD, HIV,pregnancy, sexual assault information.

Your project will be evaluated based on:


Effort/Quality of work (35%)

Accuracy of message (15%)

Uniqueness of message (15%)