Perspectives on Gender & Disease (NURS 326)

Peer Critique/Editing and Revision Workshop Sample in Nursing 326

Written communication- This is a writing intensive course. As such, students will have the opportunity to improve their writing skills using APA format and academic resources that are scholarly, substantial and scientifically peer reviewed. By submitting a series of drafts, before submission of some assignments, the instructor will provide feedback in developing writing skills that are backed by reasoning and evidence-based data. Identification of gender and sexuality perspectives on scientific and social issues will be formulated by utilizing basic evidence based methodology. Students will submit drafts for the on-line discussion board, to be reviewed and return for improvement in their use of drawing evidence based conclusions supported by academically substantial resources utilizing APA format.

Final Project

The student will apply, integrate and demonstrate multidisciplinary knowledge regarding health, disease, sexuality, and gender perspectives that affect the local community and may have national or global human impact. Prevalence, incidence as well as evaluation of community, national and international solutions will be evaluated utilizing academically substantial resources to form evidence based conclusions. Community involvement time of 4 hours is required. This will be delivered in written, APA format, on-line.

Discussion Boards: There will be three other discussion boards on pertinent topics related to health, disease and/or gender. Explanation of the assignment will be found within each discussion board. You are encouraged to send a draft of your discussion before the due date. It will be reviewed with suggestions for writing improvement and must be clearly marked as DRAFT and sent no later than Tuesday before midnight for review consideration to the professor's course VISTA email.

The dates when these discussions are active are listed in the Course Calendar. No late submissions will be accepted . . . Students are expected to give at least one substantive response to each topic question and one interactive response to peer comments.