Women (Gender, Sexuality) & Politics (POLS 324)

Chunking Writing into Manageable Parts Example from Political Science 324

Written Communication: Based on our readings, media presentations, and class discussions, we shall examine the different theories and arguments presented therein, and through critical analysis and a demonstrated understanding of the material, you will have the opportunity to weigh and juxtapose these viewpoints, and present your own conclusions in formal writing assignments.

This course is also being proposed as a general education writing intensive class. Assignments that will be used to meet the writing intensive requirements include the following.

  • Short writings that summarize the material and are due every class meeting.
  • A paper assignment that will be done in stages that include both peer and professor evaluation and feedback.

1st stage –submit an annotated bibliography to be reviewed by the instructor

2nd stage –submit a revised annotated bibliography incorporating the feedback recently received

3rd stage –submit introduction with an articulated argument to be reviewed by two peers

4th stage –submit revised introduction for review by the instructor

5th stage –submit a full draft of paper to be reviewed thoroughly by a peer

6th stage –submit a full draft of the paper to be reviewed by the instructor

Final stage –revised final draft to be submitted to instructor

Each stage submission will occur approximately every other week.