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General Education

New Course Proposal Process: Feedback from the Enrollment Management Advisory Committee


"Once a year, in consultation with Academic Advising, the Enrollment Management Advisory Committee, and college deans, CAB may recommend a call for new GE course proposals in one or more areas based on programmatic needs and historical and projected student demand data. The date and rationale will be publicly available at If there is no need for additional courses in any Subject Area, Subarea, upper-division Pathway, or GE Minor there will be no call for new courses to GE" (EM 19-021)


  1. Who contributed responses to these questions?

    • The Chairs of EMAC in Consultation with the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and the Office of Admissions
  2. Do you expect enrollment to change? If so, by how much.

    • Yes, anticipating 1% growth
  3. What data informed these recommendations?