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General Education

Ethics, Justice, and Policy Studies

About This Pathway

For more information about this Pathway contact: Roy Danovitch.

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  • Q: What is Ethics, Justice & Policy?

    It is an examination of what is fair, right, just, or good and how these ideas impact our daily lives.  Why is the idea of same-sex marriage controversial?  Should it be okay to clone a human being?  Is it ethical and just for the state to execute a convicted killer?  Why is that good and honest people don’t care millions of African children are dying from a lack of clean drinking water? Does every country deserve access to nuclear power?  Should we care about income disparity?

  • Q: What kind of courses will I take in this Pathway?

    Courses like: Introduction to Criminal Justice (POLS 250); Sociology of Sexuality (SOCI 133); Social Welfare Institutions (SWRK 170); Mexican Heritage in the United States (CHST 135); Science and Human Values (BIOL 322); Power, Politics and Performance (THEA 252); Moral Issues in Parenting (PHIL 323); and Psychology of Prejudice, Hate and Violence (PSYC 391).

  • Q: Why study Ethics, Justice & Policy?

    Ethics, justice and policy issues dominate every single aspect of daily life in the United States and around the world.  Our lives are shaped by how laws, policies, and institutions deal with crime, poverty, religion, pollution, war, and other concerns.  Studying ethics, justice and policy will be helpful in understanding both sides of complex and controversial issues, which will make you a more informed human being.  Courses in this pathway will also enable future professionals to develop a strong set of values and anticipate the difficult decisions they will face in a manner that promotes professionalism and peace of mind.

  • Q: Why get the Minor in Ethics, Justice & Policy?

    Every career has its own forms of ethical concerns that eventually turn into policy positions, so this pathway applies to all majors and to all career arenas.  This pathway also enhances graduate and law school applications and provides practical examples to theoretical studies. Every employer wants an employee that can manage complex issues and respect different opinions.  In a world that is becoming increasingly diverse, it makes sense to be able to understand and speak intelligently about different viewpoints concerning matters of justice that affect us all. 

Minor Requirements

GE Pathway Minor in Ethics, Justice and Policy Studies