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Health and Wellness Studies

About This Pathway

For more information about this Pathway contact: Luciana Zuest.

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  • Q: What is Health & Wellness?

    Are people well if they are not sick? Are they well if their bodies are strong but their relationships are in trouble? Can an individual be well in an unhealthy community? Students in the Health & Wellness pathway will be able to answer these questions through the study of many types of health and wellness: intellectual, environmental, spiritual, social, emotional and physical. This pathway gives students the chance to use information and skills from their coursework to an integral part of their lives, their health. Students will learn how to assess, monitor, and improve their own health and wellness throughout their lifespan.

  • Q: What kind of courses will I take in this Pathway?

    Courses in this pathway cover topics in health and wellness including intellectual, environmental, spiritual, social, emotional and physical health and wellness. Examples of courses include: Acting and Social Wellness (THEA 112), Introduction to Religion (RELS 180), Health at Every Size (NFSC 200), Developmental Wellness (PSYC 152), Physical Fitness a Way of Life (KINE 110), Leisure and Life (RECR 180), Nutrition and Physical Fitness (NFSC 303), Health Ethics (PHIL 327), Catastrophes in History (HIST 305), and Drugs in Our Society (HCSV 370).

  • Q: Why study Health & Wellness?

    Every day your life is affected by your health and wellness and the health and wellness of those around you. Better understanding health and wellness can increase your chances of living a healthy and good life. Your health and wellness have helped to make you the person you are today, will play a role in who you will be in the future, and will continue to affect your life until its end. Classes in this pathway will prepare you to think and act in the present as well as to create new approaches for handling life’s continuing challenges.

  • Q: Why get the Minor in Health & Wellness?

    A minor in health and wellness will show that you have an interest in and have invested in study health and wellness. Studying health and wellness will enrich your other studies with important perspectives about the important qualities of the human experience. The field of health and wellness continues to grow and expand. A minor in health and wellness would make you more marketable for positions in the health and wellness industry. In addition, this minor gives you tools to promote the health and wellness of yourself and those around you throughout your life.

Minor Requirements

GE Pathway Minor in Health and Wellness Studies