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General Education

GE Pathways

    Diversity Studies

    How difference—cultural, racial, sexual, biological, linguistic, or geographic—shapes who we are and how we live together.

    Ethics, Justice, and Policy

    Explore how ethics and justice help inform policy in areas related to the natural and human environments.

    Food Studies

    We are what we eat! Explore the physical, social & cultural dimensions of food at home & around the world.

    Gender and Sexuality

    Explore the diversity of sexual desire, social relationships, gender politics, and cultural artistry.

    Global Development Studies

    Explore the peoples of Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and the challenges they face.

    Great Books and Ideas

    Big questions and revolutionary solutions—the world’s great books and ideas, ancient to modern, controversial to classic!

    Health and Wellness

    Students can apply the skills and knowledge gained in these classes to their lives and their health.

    International Studies

    Explore the role of the United States and the economic, political, and cultural forces of globalization.

    Science, Technology, and Values

    Explore how science and technology can shape the human condition—in the past, present and future.


    Explore the connections between the health & vitality of the natural environment and human well-being.