International Studies

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For more information about this Pathway contact: Jason Nice.

Q: What is International Studies?

International Studies is about studying the world beyond the borders of the United States in all its diverse languages, cultures, politics, landscapes, and economics.  It is also about how travelers engage with the different world they find outside of their own countries in terms of diet, health, culture shock, communication, and language learning. Click here for catalog description.

Q: What kind of courses will I take in this Pathway?

All of the courses are focused on life outside the United States.  You will potentially take courses in international engagement, foreign language, macroeconomics, arts, humanities, geography, international relations, and the sciences.  You may take such courses while studying abroad—you may take up to 18 units of GE courses in pre-approved programs in Europe, Latin America, Asia, or Africa which are partners with Chico State in educating our students.  Please see the Study Abroad office, and the theme advisor for more information. Click here for a full listing.

Q: Why Study International Studies?

The world is increasingly inter-connected beyond the boundaries of the United States—this pathway reflects this fact.  Careers, leisure, interactions, and lifestyles increasingly involve people from around the world.  The International Studies pathway also articulates well with Chico State’s Study Abroad programs.  You can both study abroad and complete GE without delaying time to graduation.

Q: Why get a Minor in International Studies?

Employers in the private and public sectors increasingly look for sustained interest in international issues.  The International Studies Minor is a great complement to a Bachelor’s degree in a wide range of fields including Business, Engineering, the Arts, Humanities, Communications, Social Sciences, and Agriculture.

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