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General Education

Science, Technology, and Values

About This Pathway

For more information about this Pathway contact: Corey Sparks.

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  • Q: What is Science, Technology, & Values?

    Have you texted anyone today?  Played a video game?  Technology and science have a tremendous impact on your life.  They can be agents of major change to society, the environment and you.  Have you thought about how society, politics, religion, or economics influence science and technology?  And then how that influences you?  It’s all an interwoven web.  How do all these influences support or change a culture’s values or your own values?  Delve into this web science, technology and values past, present and future.  Explore how all the connections impact your life and how you might impact them.

  • Q: What kind of courses will I take in this Pathway?

    Discover possibilities with Science Fiction (TECH 182), Our Digital Planet (GEOG 103), The End of the World (RELS 357), Magic, Witchcraft and Religion (ANTH 140), Invention and Innovation (TECH 180), Performing the Digital Body (THEA 271), Computer-Assisted Art (CAGD 110), Science and Religion (PHIL 204), Popular Culture, Mass Media and American Values (JOUR 210), Brain, Mind, and Behavior (PSYC 321), Nature, Culture, Environment (ANTH 333), Philosophy of Science (PHIL 370), Technology and Communication (MADT 307). 

  • Q: Why study Science, Technology & Values?

    Look at technology in your life.  Driven a car lately? Used a cell phone or social network?  These are all very visible applications of science and technology.  How have they changed society?  What about global warming, human genetics, the environment?  How do culture, politics, religion and economics influence science and technology?  And how does that influence your life?  Discover the connections of science, technology and values, and how they all impact your life.  Investigate the past and look to the future – it is your life.  Explore how you make informed decisions and how you have influence on your future.

  • Q: Why get the Minor in Science, Technology, & Values?

    This is exciting stuff and it all directly impacts your life and your future.  Science, Technology and Values certainly looks good on your resume too – no matter what your major. It will be important in your future, so having a better handle on it will help you.  Lots of exciting and diverse courses too, so why not?  You only need 3 lower division GE courses plus 3 upper division GE courses in Science, Technology and Values to get the minor–and you have to take GE anyway, so make it fun and have it count for your future.

Minor Requirements

GE Pathway Minor in Science, Technology and Values