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For more information about this Pathway contact: Don Miller.

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  • Q: What is Sustainability Studies?

    It is an examination of how social, economic and environmental issues have interacted to result in the global conditions that you see today and the challenges that will confront you in the future.  The Sustainability Pathway will introduce you to the multiple perspectives surrounding environmental issues and prepare you to enter the workforce and public life as a socially responsible and environmentally minded citizen.  You will become a knowledgeable citizen with an intra-generational awareness of the connections and interdependencies among equitable societies, vital economies, human innovation and goods and services provided by healthy global ecosystems. 

  • Q: What kind of courses will I take in this Pathway?

    Courses like:  Architectural History (CMGT275); Politics, Power and Performance (THEA 252); Native American Literature (ENGL 252); Environmental Ethics(PHIL129); Religion and Ecology(REL247); Power and Scarcity (ANTH116); Introduction to Human Geography (GEOG102); Natural Resources and the Informed Citizen (RECR 210);  Society, Time and Archeology (ANTH 112); Global Environmental History (HIST 105/106); Environmental Literacy (ENVL105); Basic Nutrition (NFSC 100); Self, Identity and Sustainability (UNIV 105); Conservation Biology (BIOL302); Environmental Science/Energy in the Human (GEOS 330/370); World Food and Fiber (PSSC392/390); Environmental Rhetoric (ENGL338); American Environment (HIST341); American Indian Philosophies (PHIL336); Environmental Economics (ECON 365); Environmental Issues (GEOG 304); Environmental Sociology SOCI420).  

  • Q: Why study Sustainability Studies?

    Sustainability is a way of thinking and an expression of our collective values about earth's environment and its ability to continue to supply an increasing human population with essential natural resources. It is recognition of how human activities are resulting in changes in quality environment and the manner in which those changes impact our daily lives. Sustainability Studies intentionally links multiple academic disciplines around the concept of sustainability, emphasizing system thinking to address global issues, examining barriers and potential solutions to environmental stability and our socioeconomic well-being.

  • Q: Why get the Minor in Sustainability Studies?

    There is an emerging awareness of the concepts of sustainability and how it influences all aspects of our lives. Businesses and public agencies are increasingly hiring new employees that have a working knowledge of the principles of sustainability and its applications. So why not gain the credentials that will give the advantage in an increasingly competitive job market. To get the minor in Sustainability is simple, complete 9 units of upper division and 9 units of lower division course in the pathway and you are there.

Minor Requirements

GE Pathway Minor in Sustainability Studies