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Minor in Geospatial Literacy

Geospatial LiteracyThe Geospatial Literacy minor is framed as an interdisciplinary minor that recognizes the many disciplinary origins of innovations in spatial reasoning, representation, and analysis.

Spatial thinking is an ability to visualize and interpret location, distance, direction, relationships, movement, and change through space. Spatial concepts are fundamental within not only geography, math, and natural sciences but also the arts, humanities, social sciences, and business. As an approach to learning, however, spatial thinking is rarely an explicit inclusion. At the heart of this minor is an ambitious goal: to promote a spatially infused learning opportunity within a set of majors that will excel from spatial thinking and analysis. The minor in Geospatial Literacy captures the integrative power of geography and geospatial technology to help students visualize knowledge, solve problems, and understand relationships through a spatial lens.

Geospatial Literacy

Minor in Environmental Studies
Environmental StudiesThe Environmental Studies Minor provides interdisciplinary investigations into critical environmental issues.  The Minor is appropriate for all majors seeking to increase environmental literacy in their chosen fields.
Minor in Geography
Geography MinorThe Geography Minor is of value to students majoring in the sciences, recreation, economics, business, geology, social sciences, and to those seeking teaching credentials.
Minor in Planning and Development
Planning and DevelopmentThe Minor in Planning and Development is attractive to students in public administration, political science, business, engineering, recreation, and economics who wish to pursue a career in planning.