Geological and Environmental Sciences

AGES Student Club

Association of Geological & Environmental Students


March 27th meeting at 5:30pm
April 10th meeting cancelled (seminar 5pm in arts building) instead it will be April 8th @ 5:30
April 17th seminar @ 6:30 Panighetti’s
April 22nd seminar @ 5:30 AGES students presenting Hawaii trip posters
April 24th 5:30pm meeting
May 6th seminar on GEOS graduate students thesis proposals
May 8th AGES meeting 5:30pm

Gateway to science looking for volunteers for March 15-17th
April 3rd Glenn county STEM expo, at Glenn county fair grounds need volunteers to set up also through gateway of science museum
NSPR need people to volunteer
40th annual Endangered species fair -May 4th need help setting up & working tables
April 27th softball tournament
End of the year party, TBA

Useful Information

AGES room: Physical Sciences Building Room 222
AGES email:

How to ask for a Letter of Recommendation (PDF)

About the Association

The Association of Geological & Environmental Students (AGES) is a student run organization devoted to furthering student involvement, advancement, and interest in the environmental and earth processes that shape the Earth. It is our job as students to build a continuously stronger organization, one of longevity and one which will continue to flourish. The requirements of a great club need to be based with a foundation in field experience, socializing with other universities, fun competition within the department, assistance with future employment, connections to the professional world and incentives to get involved. The purpose of this club, when it comes down to it, is to learn as much as possible but to have an unbelievable amount of fun while doing so. 

The club plans multiple field trips to various sites in northern California during each semester, and provides sponsorships (up to $100 per semester) for membership dues and attendance fees at professional meetings such AGU Fall Meetings, GSA and California Student Sustainability Collation. In addition AGES offers research scholarship money to active members completing independent research outside the typical class research projects. AGES also hosts the department seminar series, in which various speakers are brought in to discuss geological and environmental issues/topics.

The association also funds the Jacob O'Neill Scholarship, which is offered through the CSU Chico scholarship(opens in new window) application. The Jacob O'Neill Scholarship is $250 per semester.  

Mission Statement

Our goal as an association is to provide students in Geology and Environmental Sciences the opportunity for fellowship and networking in a professional atmosphere. We accomplish this through encouraging our members to become involved with professional organizations, attend professional meetings, and attending guest speaker talks. We encourage fellowship between members through bimonthly meetings and fieldtrips based in education and recreation. We also support our members by providing financial assistance through sponsorships to those who attend professional meetings and want to become members of professional organizations.

Officers - 2018-19 Academic Year

President - Maggie Pierce

Vice President - Jeanette Burdick

Secretary - Amy Bobson

Treasurer - Katy Daniell

Field Coordinators - Nate Plascencia and Evan Davis

Inter-Club Council Chair - Mo Ayala

Environmental Liaison - Cole Gleaton

“To be a professional tomorrow, act like a professional today.” -unknown