Geological and Environmental Sciences

Student Opportunities

Internal Funding Opportunities

CSU Pre-doctoral Scholarship Program(opens in new window) - supports CSU students interested in pursuing a PhD. Funding for travel to meetings and visits to prospective PhD programs. Applications due early spring.

Research and creativity award – Chico State – award deadlines twice a year based on funds allocated by Provost. Up to $1700 for semester awards and $5000 for summer

Chico State Enterprises – Chico State research and sponsored programs office home. 

External Funding Opportunities

American Association of University Women(opens in new window) – offers a variety of fellowships for women in science.

American Museum of Natural History(opens in new window) – offers a variety of fellowships, research grants, and exchange opportunities for students at all levels. Deadlines throughout the year.

American Society of Plant Biologists(opens in new window) - offers fellowships, research funding, and travel awards to present research at their annual meeting. See individual announcements for details. 

Association of Women Geologists(opens in new window) – opportunities for women in geology.

Botanical Society of America(opens in new window) - numerous opportunities to support graduate student research or travel to annual Botanical Society meeting. See individual announcements for details. 

California Botanical Society(opens in new window) - supports travel & supplies (usually up to $1000) on research associated with Baja California. Proposals due Mar and Dec. 

California Native Plant Society(opens in new window) - various grant opportunities to support travel & materials associated with research on plants. Proposals due 30 September annually.

Evolving Earth(opens in new window) – opportunities for student research in the Earth sciences.

Explorer’s Club(opens in new window) – opportunities for exploration and field research to advance the scientific knowledge of the world.

Garden Club of America(opens in new window) - offers a wide variety of fellowships and scholarships to support research in botany, conservation, restoration, bird habitat, urban forestry, wetlands, etc. Award size varies but is usually several thousand dollars. See individual announcements for details. 

Geological Society of America(opens in new window) – opportunities for graduate student research in the geosciences.

Mineralogical Society of America(opens in new window) – opportunities for student research in mineralogy and petrology.

National Science Foundation(opens in new window) - graduate research fellowship. MS students from non-PhD granting institutions (such as Chico State) are encouraged.

Northern California Botanists(opens in new window) - supports travel & materials up to $1000 for research on plants in northern California. Proposals due mid Spring semester annually.

Plant Population Ecology(opens in new window) - section of the Ecological Society of America - small grants to support student travel to present research results at annual Ecological Society meeting. Proposals due during spring semester.

Sigma Xi(opens in new window)-travel & materials up to $1000 in support of research by full-time students. Proposals due in March and October annually. 

Society of Economic Geologists(opens in new window) – opportunities to support research in economic geology.

Society of Wetland Scientists(opens in new window) - Student Research Grants to support research in wetlands.

Other directories of STEM funding opportunities

Undergraduate Scholarships -- 30+ opportunities from a variety of private and federal funders for students pursuing STEM 

Graduate Funding for Masters Students -- 40+ funding opportunities for Masters-level students in STEM

Graduate Funding for PhD Students -- 40+ funding opportunities including funding from NSF, NASA, and NIH.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

A limited number of graduate teaching assistantships are available in the department. Students awarded TAs conduct laboratories for our general education courses in environmental science (GEOS 130) and geology (GEOS 101), and possibly others depending upon qualifications.

If you wish to apply for a graduate teaching assistantship in the department please email the department and we will send you the appropriate forms.  To be considered for a TA as an incoming student we must have all application materials by May 15 for fall semester or November 15 for spring semester and you must be admitted with at least conditionally classified status.

Application Form (PDF)