Chico State Giving Day

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chico State Giving Day?

Chico State Giving Day is a day for you to show that ’Cats give back and support what you love about the University. This year, Giving Day is Wednesday, March 3, 2021, from midnight to 11:59 p.m. This 24-hour fundraising drive unites the entire Wildcat family of students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends to support the University. Project teams reach out to supporters and inspire them to become donors!

Why should I give to Chico State?

Quite simply, all gifts impact our students as they strive toward their goal of a Chico State degree and benefit the faculty and programs that make a difference in thousands of people’s lives each year. The more support that we receive from students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends on Giving Day, the more lives we can transform.

How do I give on Giving Day? Can I write a check?

Our featured funds will track gifts in real time so everyone can see right away how projects are doing as they earn matching funds. Gifts to all other funds using our main giving form or those made using other methods on Giving Day will still count toward the day’s totals—it will just take us a few days to calculate our success! Check back and we’ll let you know how we did across the board.

The best way to make a gift on Giving Day is online. However, if you'd like to send a check by mail, please make it out to the CSU, Chico University Foundation, and indicate in the memo line the project you are supporting and "Giving Day." Mail to

University Foundation
CSU, Chico
400 W. First St Chico, CA

If you have payment questions or would like to pay by credit card over the phone, please call Gift Processing at 530-898-4488.

What gifts count on Giving Day?

Give to any area on campus on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, from midnight to midnight and it counts on Chico State Giving Day! Additionally, we will count any gifts made to the featured funds listed on the homepage since February 3.

Can I give more than once and to more than one project?

Absolutely! Your impact will be that much greater when you do. 

Want to do more? You can help our teams reach their goals by becoming a fundraiser and setting your own personal goal!

What do I do if I'm having trouble with a credit card transaction?

The most common reason credit card transactions fail is because the billing address you entered does not match the one on file with your bank. When adding your payment information to your gift, please ensure you have the correct billing address, which may be different from your residential address.

If you received an error that the transaction did not go through, you will not be charged and may safely try again with your corrected billing address. If you do not receive an error message, it is likely the transaction was successful. Successful transactions will trigger an emailed receipt, so please check your email for confirmation.

If you continue to experience difficulties or believe you may have been incorrectly charged, please call Gift Processing at 530-898-4488 for assistance. (Thank you in advance for your patience as we anticipate a high call volume on Giving Day.)

Can I make a gift in person on Giving Day?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be able to accept gifts in person this year.

The best way to make a gift on Giving Day is online. However, if you'd like to send a check by mail, please make it out to the CSU, Chico University Foundation, and indicate in the memo line the project you are supporting and "Giving Day." Mail to

University Foundation
CSU, Chico
400 W. First St Chico, CA

How do challenge gifts work?

Challenge gifts are funded by our amazing leadership donors who hope to inspire and motivate the Wildcat community on Giving Day. These gifts will be awarded as certain milestones are reached throughout Giving Day (e.g. certain number of gifts by a certain time, receiving gifts from geographic areas, etc.). Check out our Challenge and Bonus Gift page for more details.

What can I do to spread the word about Chico State Giving Day?

After you give, you’ll receive a link to a special thank you page with an “I Gave” icon to share on social media with your friends and family! Additionally, visit our Social Media Graphics page for images and videos you can share on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Get ready, and follow us today!

I'm a student. What can I do on Chico State Giving Day?

  • Connect with our Student Philanthropy Council to learn more about how individual students and student organizations can leverage Chico State Giving Day to support their programs.
  • Give to what you are passionate about! You can designate a gift of any amount on our main giving form or by texting “wildcatsgive” to 41444 to any funding area at the University.
  • Share the message! Together, we can make a HUGE impact for Chico State.
    • Tell your friends, family and followers what you love about Chico State using #CatsGiveBack #ChicoStateGivingDay.
    • Take a selfie and share why you give and tag it #ChicoStateGivingDay and #CatsGiveBack 

How will my gift be used?

It depends on what fund you support! We have provided many options on the Chico State Giving Day homepage and there are more than 180 funds that you can search on our main giving form. But if there is another cause you would like to support, you can select “Other” on the giving form and manually type in what you’d like to support. If you do not designate a fund, your gift will go toward the Chico State Fund, which goes directly where the money is needed most at the University.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

Gifts of all sizes are welcome. Every gift matters!

My company has donation matching program. How does that work?

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions to the University made by their employees. Generally, the employee must complete and sign a form provided by their company. Check with your employer or type your company name in this search box to find the procedures for company.

Who can I contact with my questions about Chico State Giving Day?

Email Assistant Director of Annual Giving Allen Lunde at

More questions about giving to Chico State?

Check out our main Giving website, to explore frequently asked questions, ways to give, areas to support, and the impact of giving.