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Chico State Giving Day

Giving Day—March 3, 2021

Chico State Giving Day is coming up on March 3, 2021. Each year, this 24-hour fundraising campaign supports causes across campus from scholarships and student projects to research opportunities and community support programs. Gifts of any amount to any University-affiliated cause help us inspire current students and alumni, unlock special bonuses, and most importantly, transform the lives of those we serve.

Join us this year from midnight to 11:59 p.m. on March 3 to help transform tomorrow!

Your gift of any amount makes a huge difference 

Since our first Giving Day in 2017, thousands of alumni, students, employees, and friends have come together to raise more than $1 million for hundreds of important causes.

Featured Causes

Check back in February to view our featured Giving Day causes.

You can also visit our main donation page to support the program of your choice.