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New Year, New Day, New HR!

Over the past six months, the Human Resources Service Center has had the incredible opportunity to work directly with our new administration to evaluate many of our department’s practices and procedures. Having a seat at the table to propose changes has and will continue to make a significant difference in our service to campus. Our collective goal is to streamline processes, review practices to eliminate burdensome steps, provide additional reports and resources to help others do their jobs more efficiently, and become the trusted service center that we strive to be.

Many exciting changes are ahead in 2017. Coming soon: online access to your current position description, “My Pay” calculator that shows the total value of your compensation, a user-friendly IRP request form, additional management and supervisory training opportunities, online training of the month, IRP and classification review process informational sessions, and a new and improved on-boarding procedure. Please keep a look out for notices detailing changes to the services offered by the Human Resources Service Center. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Thank you!

Sheryl Woodward
Assistant Vice President for Staff Human Resources
Human Resources Service Center


In This Issue


How Does the Recruitment Process Impact Pool Demographics?

In an effort to improve our recruitment process and remove barriers to increasing campus diversity, HR recently reviewed our staff and MPP recruitment data and looked at how each step in the hiring process may impact the diversity of our candidate pools. To accomplish this, data was pulled from our recruitment system (People Admin) for recruitments between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016, and the pools were reviewed at distinct points of the process. Applicants are asked to voluntarily self-identify demographic information as part of the application process. Initially, we looked at the demographics of our overall applicant pools. We proceeded to look at the applicant pools after HR screened for minimum qualifications, after the committees screened to determine whom to interview, and at the applicants hired. The same process was used to analyze MPP and non-MPP (excluding faculty) recruitments during the relevant time frame.

The details of the analysis are available at the HR Recruitment Demographics website. As one example of how the data can be interpreted, for MPP recruitments, Hispanic or Latinx* applicants appear to be disproportionately screened out based on failure to meet minimum qualifications. This population of applicants appears to also be disproportionately impacted when the final hiring decisions are made. This tells HR that we may need to work with departments to ensure that the posted job requirements are in fact the minimum requirements necessary for an individual to be successful, and that we are not creating superficial barriers for applicants. The analysis further indicates that in order to ensure all candidates are being fairly assessed on their related education and experiences, HR may need to consider proposing an increased scope of the current voluntary training program, Avoiding Bias in Hiring.

We will be submitting the information to the University Diversity Council (UDC) to collect further recommendations. Items currently under consideration include: a review of our job posting locations, expansion of the Avoiding Bias in Hiring training, and identifying an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) contact for each hiring committee as a resource where individuals can seek guidance during the recruitment process. Look for further updates in upcoming newsletters.

*Lantinx is a gender-neutral alternative to Latino, Latina, and Latin@.


Common Human Resources System (CHRS) Update

The Common Human Resources System (CHRS) is a California State University project with the goal of transforming the Human Resources business processes and practices and consolidating individual campus database instances into a single, centrally managed system. In addition to providing standard business processes and standardized data across the CSU, the project includes expanded services for Faculty Affairs and an HR Data Warehouse. The project also includes upgrading to the latest version of the PeopleSoft HR application and providing a consistent baseline of technology. CHRS will have many valuable benefits for the overall system and the campuses, including.

  • Access to the latest version of software, which includes significant new functionality
  • More rapid deployment of new system functionality
  • Common business practices across the campuses to provide administrative efficiencies and reduce modifications to the system
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics at the campus and system levels
  • Improved user experiences in the HR applications, including enabling future mobile access to HR services and improved recruiting and on-boarding capabilities
  • Alignment with the upgrade of the Student System that must take place
  • Positioning the CSU to consider cloud-based or other technology platforms in the future

Members of the HRIS team have been heavily engaged with the project and this will continue through 2017. We will share information about the project as it is known. More information about the project can be found here: https://www.csuchico.edu/hr/hris/CHRS.shtml.


Classification and IRP Statistics

In-Range Progressions Stats $56,268 total awards to our employees between July 2016 to December 2017
Classification Review Stats $21,468 total awards to our employees between July 2016 to December 2017


Emergency Hire Process

Employment Services is pleased to share the updated Emergency Hire Guidelines that can be found on the Employment Services webpage. We hope this will help streamline and clarify the process. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.


Professional Development for You!

DDU Logo

We're bringing certified professional development to you!

This semester, staff, leads, managers, and administrators have the opportunity to attend internationally renowned leadership development training by DDI:

Building a Human-Focused Workforce

  • Navigating Beyond Conflict
  • Communicating with Impact

Leading Others

  • Building and Sustaining Trust
  • Communicating for Leadership Success
  • Conversations to Inspire Performance

View New Professional Development Offerings website for more information.

Staff Training picture

Principles of Supervision

Ask your Manager to recommend you for the two-day, CSU-designed, “Principles of Supervision” training program, which covers basic supervision skills including performance management, developing direct reports, guiding and organizing the work, managing relationships, and managing yourself. If you are a new or semi-new manager or lead, this training is for you! View Principles of Supervision webpage for more information

Interested in other leadership and supervisory development? View Leadership & Supervisory webpage.

Use the training Schedule-at-a-Glance to plan ahead and schedule your training today.


NEW Online Training of the Month

Challenge yourself to complete at least one online course a month to support your continuous growth and development. The e-courses below are highlighted for March.

Managers in training session

For Staff:

In this course, you'll learn how to get clarity around what's most important – your goals – by ensuring they're aligned with those of your organization, so you can prioritize your work based on those goals. Recommended for staff and faculty. Course length: 32 minutes.

Managers in training session

For Managers and Leaders:

In this course, you'll review the skills and techniques for mastering active listening. You'll learn to trust the process, engage evasive speakers, effectively steer emotionally charged conversations, and apply active listening within sales and negotiation scenarios. Recommended for managers and chairs. Course length: 34 minutes


Kudos for Compliance Training

Many of you not only caught up on your compliance training, you helped communicate its importance and encouraged others to complete theirs! 89.8% of the “Top Ten” compliance courses were finished by year end. THANK YOU!

Adjusting for employees on leave and sabbatical, our numbers for December 31 for two highlighted trainings are below:

Compliance Training Graph

Do Student Employees Need Compliance Training?
Not only do all faculty, staff and managers complete compliance training, our student employees must also. In fact, they are the largest group of employees that are not compliant.

Compliance training is mandatory for all active employees, including student employees (e.g., student assistants, grad assistants, instructional support assistants, graders).

What can you do?

  • Ask your student employees to log in to the DTS and email you a screen shot of their home screen. It will show you whether or not they’ve been assigned training, what’s complete and what’s not.
  • They can log in, click My Menu › My Assignment. This screen displays all e-courses they’ve been assigned, their statuses, and any “expiry dates” by which a course needs to be retaken.
  • Request they use Chrome to log in and follow Online Training computer setup instructions.
  • Encourage them to watch their email Inbox, Junk Mail and Clutter, for notices from dts@csuchico.edu.
  • Schedule work time (approximately four hours) to complete the training shortly after they receive their first pay check and are active in the Development and Training System (DTS). View the “quick list” of compliance trainings to find the duration and frequency of each e-course.
  • If they report to you, run a “Report for Managers and Leads” monthly to check on assignments and statuses.

Lactation Space Now Available in HRSC

Under California and federal law, employees who need to express breastmilk are entitled to reasonable break time to do so. As your employer, CSU Chico has an obligation to ensure that employees have access to a space that can be used to either nurse or express breastmilk. The space must be shielded from view, free from intrusion (i.e., lockable), and cannot be a bathroom.

Often departments take on this responsibility by allowing the use of a private office or a lockable breakroom or by making other arrangements to support the nursing members of our community. We are happy to report that in addition to the actions many departments have taken to support nursing members of their units, HRSC has taken steps to make our conference room (located in Kendall Hall, Room 222E) available for use by employees and students who need a space for lactation purposes. We have a comfortable chair and outlets for breast pumps, and the room is near a sink that can be used to clean equipment. Anyone interested in using this space should contact the HRSC front desk by either stopping by or calling 898-6771 to check on availability.

Additional spaces will soon be available in Meriam Library and in Tehama Hall. Stay tuned for further announcements once those spaces become available.


New HRSC Employees

We’re excited to introduce two new employees in our benefits unit and front office.

Lori Adrian—Benefits Analyst

Lori Adrian

Lori Adrian is filling the position that Teresa Palacios vacated. Lori previously worked on campus in the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice. Lori brings with her over nine years of administrative/support campus experience in an academic area and over 17 years in different benefits support roles. In addition, in May 2014, she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration here at Chico State.

Jessica Plascencia—HR Office Coordinator

Jessica Placencia

Jessica is a familiar face as she worked as a student employee in our office for the past year and a half. Notably, Jessica brings a wealth of related experience with her. She’s worked at Butte College for a vice president’s office and a department office, performed reception and billing at a women’s health clinic, provided paralegal assistance in a law office, and managed an apartment building. Jessica is a recent alumna and just completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and diversity studies.

Please welcome them as they work hard to serve you.

Human Resources Service Center