Google Support

FAQ for Faculty/Staff

Where should I direct my students for help?

Please direct your students to for support.

My student said they didn't receive my e-mail, what should I do?

If you send messages to your student's address the student will receive a copy of the message in their WildcatMail powered by Google account. Some students choose to forward their messages to a personal e-mail account. If the forwarding information is incorrect for any reason, your student will not receive the message in their personal account and you will not receive a bounce back or delivery error because it was successfully delivered to their WildcatMail account. Simply direct your student to in new window) to retrieve their messages.  If the student needs assistance fixing their forwarding settings, direct them to Student Computing at 898-4357(HELP).

Can I get an account?

Yes. All employees have an account on the new WildcatMail powered by Google system. Please note that WildcatMail powered by Google is the official e-mail system for students only. Microsoft Exchange is the official e-mail account for faculty and staff. Use of WildcatMail powered by Google is optional for faculty and staff. To access this account go to and login with your Portal ID and password. User Services will provide limited support for faculty and staff WildcatMail powered by Google accounts.

Can I  e-mail my students via Bb Learn?

Yes, there are a few options for contacting your students via Bb Learn. For more information on messaging or e-mail with Learn see the Learn Knowledgebase.

Can I use Google Apps such as Docs and Sites for my Courses?

Bb Learn continues to be the official LMS tool for online course content. Use of Google Apps in your coursework is not officially supported. User Services provides support for Gmail and account issues only. For help with Google Apps, contact Google directly by clicking on the Help link at the top right-hand corner of the Google App that you are using.

Can I use other e-mail programs, or clients, to access my WildcatMail account?

Yes. You can access WildcatMail powered by Google account using POP, IMAP, and mobile e-mail programs. See the IMAP Client Configuration tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Important Information about Password Changes: In order to use POP/IMAP clients or mobile devices, Google needs to store a copy of your password. We have added functionality to the student password change tool that will synchronize their password with Google for use with POP/IMAP and mobile devices. At this time the faculty and staff password change tool Chico Password Station does not offer us this functionality. In order to use POP/IMAP clients or mobile devices, you will need to contact the Helpdesk at 898-6000 for assistance with synchronizing your Exchange/Domain password with your WildcatMail password for use with IMAP/POP Clients and mobile devices.

Is Gmail accessible (508 compliant)?

Google is actively working on 508 compliance and cites the accessibility of Gmail as a priority. Users with disabilities have the following options to access their e-mail:

  1. Users can view Gmail with basic HTML. More information on Gmail and basic HTML View.(opens in new window)
  2. Users can view Gmail using free 508 compliant software such as Thunderbird.(opens in new window)
  3. Users can use Gmail with accessible technologies, which are available in the ATC lab in Meriam Library. 

Does Gmail meet FERPA guidelines?

Google is contractually and legally responsible to protect information. Google will not share e-mail contents or personal information with outside parties.