Google Support


We are excited to announce that the campus is upgrading our antiquated student e-mail system. The current WildcatMail system will be replaced with a CSU, Chico implementation of Google Apps for Education. The new system, WildcatMail powered by Google, is free to the University and will provide additional features including vastly expanded data storage and access to popular communication tools in Google Apps for Education such as word processing with Docs, a calendaring system, and Sites, a website creation tool. Students will continue to use their existing e-mail addresses. For more information, visit our FAQ.

Same e-mail address!

Your address remains the same (

Same location!

Continue to login via the Portal or the link on the homepage as you normally do. Many secure IMAP e-mail clients are also supported.

No sign-up or user action required!

Migration will happen automatically. Your old e-mail will be moved to the new system for you.

Tons more storage!

WildcatMail powered by Google offers users over 7GB (and growing) of free storage. That's more than 70 times the current WildcatMail storage!

Huge attachments!

Send and receive 20mb attachments.

World class spam and virus protection!

Gmail users report a spam rate of less than 1%.


WildcatMail powered by Google features all of the features and tools of Gmail in an ad-free environment until you graduate. After graduation, you may keep your account and Chico State e-mail address as long as you like, but may be presented with ads like a normal Gmail account.

Google Apps for Education!

Easily collaborate with others in the CSU, Chico community via Google Apps and Docs for Education.

Mobile Support!

Send and receive WildcatMail on your iPhone or other mobile device.


See our FAQ for answers.