Google Support

Importing Contacts

This document details how to import your contacts from the old WildcatMail account into your new WildcatMail Powered by Google account.

  1. Log into the WildcatMail web interface:
  2. Open the email from helpstwith the subject Your WildcatMail Contacts in your Inbox.
    Screen capture of contacts email.
  3. Click on the Download link for the contacts.csv attachment.
    Screen capture of contacts.csv attachment.
  4. Save the contacts.csv file to your desktop.
  5. Click on the Contacts link in WildcatMail.
    Screen capture of Contacts link.
  6. Click on the Import link.
    Screen capture of Import link.
  7. Click on the Browse button and select the contacts.csv file from your desktop.
    Screen capture of Browse button.
  8. Click the Import button.
    Screen capture of Import button.
  9. Your contacts have now been imported into the WildcatMail web interface. Click OK to continue.
    Screen capture of import success.
  10. Your imported contacts can be accessed by clicking on the Contacts link.
    Screen capture of Contacts link.