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Thunderbird IMAP Configuration

This document details how to setup a WildcatMail account for access using IMAP in Thunderbird.

  1. Enable IMAP using the Web interface

    If you have not done so already, Enable IMAP for WildcatMail before setting up IMAP access in Entourage.

  2. Set your IMAP password

    If you haven't used IMAP with your WildcatMail power by Google you'll need to set your IMAP password.

  3. Open Thunderbird

    Thunderbird is available for download(opens in new window).

    If the user has not created a Thunderbird account, a wizard will pop up to set up the account. Exit out of this wizard. This will bring you to the main thunderbird startup.

  4. Create an Outgoing Server

    Click on Tools and then Account Settings. In the new window, click on the Add button.

    Outgoing Mail Servers

    • Enter the following information
    • Make sure to activate the TLS if available button for the secure connection
    • Change the port to 587
    • The Outgoing Server name is in this Outgoing Server Window

    • Click OK to confirm changes and return to the Account Settings window.

  5. Create a new Email Account

    In the Account Settings window, click on the Add Account button.

    • Select Email account and then continue

      The New Account wizard will configure new email accounts

    • Enter your username and email address

      Account Name and Address Information

    • Select the IMAP option and enter in as the incoming server

      Server information window

    • Enter your username and click continue

      User Name window

    • Enter the username for the WildcatMail account and hit continue

      Account name window

    • The Email account setup is complete. Click done to return to the Account Settings

      Mozilla now Congratulates us for setting up an account, even though it doesn't work yet.

  6. Change Server Settings
    • In Server Settings, check the SSL button under Secure Settings

    The Account Settings Window now displays many options pertaining to the new IMAP account

Congratulations, you have successfully set up Thunderbird to access your WildcatMail account.