Graduation Initiative

Chico Target 2015

In adopting its new Access to Excellence Strategic Plan(opens in new window), the CSU leadership committed to the priority of increasing student access and success.  The CSU has pledged to raise the six-year graduation rates of its students to the top quartile of national averages and to cut in half the existing achievement gap between its underrepresented students (URM) and non-underrepresented (non-URMs) students. 

These system-wide priorities echo the values and priorities of the CSU, Chico Strategic Plan for the Future (PDF) as well as its Academic Plan (PDF), both of which set out to “recruit, enroll, support, and graduate a diverse, high quality student population.”  Making excellence inclusive is considered to be at the heart of Chico’s vitality and viability.

Based on the 2006 reported CSU, Chico performance on full-time, first-time freshmen graduation rates (PDF), Chico’s target is set to increase by 6 percentage points by 2015 as it was already within the top quartile of its peer institutions.  Similarly, the target for transfer graduation rates (PDF) is to increase by an additional 6 percentage points.

Chico is also to work on reducing existing achievement gaps in graduation rates (PDF) for Under-Represented Minorities (URM) and Non-Under-Represented Minorities (Non-URM).  The specific target for Chico is to halve the gap between URMs and Non-URMs for the same time frame, i.e. a 12 percent improvement rate.

The Graduation Initiative commits us to systematically discovering and dislodging the roadblocks to our students’ success, now and for the rest of their lives.

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Student showing excitement at the Chico State graduation ceremony