Graduation Initiative

CSU Plan

The CSU Graduation Initiative strives to raise the freshman six-year graduation rate by eight percentage points by 2015, and cut in half the existing gap in degree attainment by CSU’s underrepresented minority (URM) students.  Since 2002, all CSU campuses adopted best practices outlined in the Facilitating Graduation report, and several have experienced success as a result. The Graduation Initiative is unique in that it focuses on “outputs” rather than “inputs,” or results rather than planning.  The Graduation Initiative has planted a stake in the ground by stating its results in a specific, measurable outcome and by focusing resources on achieving goals and being accountable for its ultimate target.

The Chancellor’s Office (CO) Team stands ready to assist campuses in reaching their goals, as well as to identify and remove policy barriers, provide project management support, and facilitate the sharing of campus best practices as outlined in its Chancellor’s Office Graduation Initiative Plan.