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Graduation Initiative

Graduation Initiative

The Chico Graduation Initiative Team helps the campus focus efforts on student success, especially timely progress toward graduation with a quality baccalaureate degree.

The Graduation Initiative Advisory Team has updated its charge, structure, and processes, effective Fall 2018. To find out more, please read the Graduation Initiative Advisory Team Governing Document (PDF).

Diplomas lie in stacks on a table, awaiting their student recipients

The Chico Graduation Initiative Team works to identify and remove barriers to timely progress to graduation, consistent with a high quality, meaningful undergraduate degree. Read more on the purpose of graduation initiative

Two students pose in graduation regalia in front of Laxson Auditorium

The Chico Graduation Initiative Team is a group of dedicated professionals from Academic and Student Affairs whose work directly affects students and their progress to degree. Read more on the people from graduate initiative

A graduate shakes her diploma triumphantly

The Chico Graduation Initiative Team was formed in December 2007 and has consistently convened professional staff, faculty and administrators from Academic Affairs and Student Affairs focused on student success. Read more on the graduation initiative practices.

A student's grad cap is covered in pins from clubs and organizations

The Graduation Initiative Team serves as an important nexus linking campus stakeholders—faculty, students, staff, and administrators focused on student success. Read the complete summary.