Graduation Initiative


The Chico Graduation Initiative Team works to identify and remove barriers to timely progress to graduation, consistent with a high quality, meaningful undergraduate degree. Specifically, the Graduation Initiative Team is responsible for tracking the progress of our campus on 4- and 6-year graduation targets and reduction of the graduation gap between underserved students: first-generation, low income and minority students and their better-resourced counterparts.

The Graduation Initiative Team meets its aims by:

  • reading and reflecting on the national literature on trends in higher education, degree completion and degree quality;
  • consulting and convening subject matter experts on our own campus, and across the CSU, regarding students’ experiences at our own and other campuses; 
  • leveraging campus data to inform decision-making;
  • working with colleagues in Student Affairs and Academic Affairs to design and implement interventions, programs and policy shifts that:
    • drive actionable results,
    • inform effective resource allocation,
    • explore pathways to student success,
    • reveal unidentified barriers,
    • enhance the student experience,
    • contribute to timely graduation, and;
  • disseminating the results of our work to colleagues across campus and beyond.
two graduating students at the Chico State graduation ceremony.