Graduation Initiative


The Chico Graduation Initiative Team helps the campus focus efforts on student success, especially timely progress toward graduation with a quality baccalaureate degree. The Graduation Initiative Team serves as an important nexus linking campus stakeholders—faculty, students, staff, and administrators focused on student success.  The Graduation Initiative Team also serves as a link to external stakeholders and sources of information on student success.  These include our fellow CSU campuses, the CSU system office and national participants in the dialog on student success and graduation. While Chico State should be proud of making targets and goals set out for us by the Chancellor’s Office, all members of the Graduation Initiative Team are committed to: continuous improvement in the experience of all of our students, reducing graduation gaps, facilitating student success and enabling the timely graduation of all of our students with a quality degree.

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graduating student showing excitement at the Chico State graduating ceremony