Graduation Initiative

2021-2022 - Action & Inquiry Teams

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Action Area I:

Close equity gaps and improve pass rates in high enrollment, high DFW 100- and 200-level classes. 

TEAM I.A:   

Analyze impact of small classes in high DFW courses and make recommendations for sustained funding of smaller classes in critical courses. 

  1. Ellie Ertle (Co-Lead) 
  2. Zahrasadat Alavi (Co-Lead) 
  3. Erin Kelly 
  4. Kathleen Meehan 
  5. Chris Fosen   

TEAM I.B:   

Assess high DFW courses for URM, Pell and first-gen students’ sense of belonging and develop relevant interventions. 

  1. William Cuthbertson (Co-Lead) 
  2. Molly Heck (Co-Lead) 
  3. Mitch Casselman 
  4. Marianne Paiva 
  5. Lupe Jimenez 
  6. Nate Millard 
  7. Megan Kurtz 


Engage a multidisciplinary group of faculty to develop strategies, including policy considerations, for improving equitable grading practices.   

  1. Jeff Bell (Lead) 
  2. Chiara Ferrari 
  3. Kathy Fernandes 
  4. Michael Dills-Allen 
  5. Michelle Morris 
  6. Pablo Cornejo 
  7. Kim Jaxon 
  8. Jack Hames

Action Area II:  

Create a seamless experience of engagement and navigation for FTF from Intent to Enroll though the first year. 


Develop and assess a plan to meaningfully engage students and families from decision to enroll through Census. 

  1. Denise Crosswhite (Co-Lead) 
  2. Tasha Alexander (Co-Lead)
  3. Holly Nevarez
  4. Bertha Alicia Curiel  
  5. Jeff Logsdon 
  6. Corinne Knapp 
  7. Shawn Ryan
  8. Naomi Chu


Institute inclusive, mandatory, and accessible Orientation. 

  1. Shawn Ryan (Lead) 
  2. Kentiner David 
  3. Blake Wentz 
  4. Celina Phillips 
  5. Jennifer Duggan 
  6. Joel Ramirez 
  7. Cindy McKay 
  8. Stacie Corona


Revise first-year advising practices, beginning with Orientation, to eliminate inconsistent advice and achieve defined learning outcomes. 

  1. Kylee Sharp (Co-Lead) 
  2. Pablo Soto (Co-Lead) 
  3. Megan Odom
  4. Peter Kittle


Leverage campus mentoring programs to assign a peer mentor/coach to each incoming student not in a formal support program for sustained help with campus navigation. 

  1. Sue Peterson (Co-Lead) 
  2. Brianna Ellis (Co-Lead) 
  3. Ashley Person
  4. Shawn Bates 
  5. Felipe Restrepo 
  6. Jen Harris 

 Inquiry Team I - Learning Support

  1. Dawn Frank (Lead)
  2. Sue Peterson
  3. Kathy Fernandes
  4. Erik Wasinger
  5. Billy Harkness
  6. Yer Thao
  7. Robin Donatello

Inquiry Team II - Policy

  1. Holly Nevarez (Lead)
  2. Pablo Soto
  3. Jenn Duggan
  4. Elli Alaniz
  5. Josh James
  6. Malcolm McLemore
  7. Anna Magana

Inquiry Team III - Block Enrollment

  1. Kelly McGregor (Lead)
  2. Vicki Bass (Lead)
  3. Michael Dills-Allen
  4. Jessica Dietrich
  5. Jennifer McKee
  6. Yuki Rojas
  7. Jason Stapleton

Inquiry Team IV - Early Alert

  1. Dave Rowe (Lead)
  2. Jeremy Olguin
  3. Kathy Fernandes
  4. Darnell Lee
  5. Jasmany Garcia
  6. Gina O'Neal
  7. Mitch Casselman