Graduation Initiative

2020-2021 - GI 2025 Advisory Team Work Groups

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1. Tipping Point Student Success Summit

Charge: Deliver another successful summit with follow-up spring programming.
Associated funding:  $7,423

2. Student Success Awards

Charge: Revise and release call, review and award one-time GI dollars, track and assess.
Associated funding: Program suspended due to lack of funding for 20/21.

3. Equity-Minded Programs Initiative

Charge: Complete program design, identify leads and expert(s), determine how to select programs, implement spring.
Associated funding: Program suspended due to lack of funding for 20/21.

4. Financial and Administrative Barriers

Charge:  Review list of recommendations from last year’s team, identify those that are completed and recommend actions for this year.
Associated funding: None

5. Student Success Centers Alignment

Charge: Alignment
Associated funding:  None

6. Equity Action (MLA “home team”)

Charge: Develop set of resources for individual faculty or departmental teams to respond to equity gap data.
Associated funding:  None

7. Faculty Engagement with Grade Data/FASP

Charge:  Coordinate completion and rollout of faculty grade dashboards with development of Senate policy on access/use.  Work with MLA “home team” on provision of resources to support faculty interventions.
Associated funding:  None

8. Second Year Retention Pilot

Charge:  Design and implement1-unit course in spring 2020 for first-year students on AP following fall 2019; design and host “Sophomore Launch” event early fall 2020 (majors showcase with career options, support resource fair, opportunities to connect with advanced students in various disciplines)
Associated funding:

9. Transfer Support Program development

Charge: Identify unmet needs of transfer students (engagement, academics, support); research effective program models; recommend interventions/new programming for 2010-2021
Associated funding: