Graduate Studies

Graduate Progression

Students may be admitted to their program in one of the following statuses:

Conditionally Classified:

You may be admitted to a graduate degree program in conditionally classified status if your graduate department determines that you can remedy deficiencies by additional preparation. For example, you may be required to take specified undergraduate level courses, and earn a specified GPA in those courses, prior to becoming a classified student.

Find more information about admission in conditionally classified status in the University Catalog(opens in new window)

Classified Graduate Student:

You are a classified master's degree student if you have been formally accepted by the department and the Office of Graduate Studies to pursue master's degree study.

After demonstrating ability and aptitude for the discipline as a classified master's degree student and meeting specific departmental requirements, the department will recommend that the student be Advanced to Candidacy (see below).

Advancement to Candidacy:


All students must be "Advanced to Candidacy", in addition to completing all other degree requirements, prior to a degree being conferred. This process is initiated by students' graduate departments.

For more information on this process, consult the University Catalog(opens in new window).