Graduate Studies

Outstanding Thesis/Project Competition

Application Deadline is Mid-March

In 1988, the Office of Graduate Studies initiated the Outstanding Thesis Award to give special recognition to the graduate student who had authored the most significant piece of research as the culminating activity under the 699T format.

In 1991, the Outstanding Project Award was instituted to recognize the most creative scholarship conducted by a master’s candidate enrolled in 699P as the culminating activity.

The winners of the Outstanding Thesis and Project are each recognized with a cash award, identified on the master’s commencement program, and are listed on the perpetual plaques displayed in the Graduate School. Also included on the perpetual plaques are the names of the chairs of the graduate advisory committee who guided the outstanding Thesis or Project to completion.

Nominees for the Outstanding Thesis or Project Award must have graduated in the spring, summer, or fall of the preceding calendar year. Each college may submit a maximum of one thesis and/or one project nomination. The college’s nominee(s) are typically selected by the college’s Outstanding Thesis/Project Committee from among projects and theses forwarded for consideration to the college office from departments. Departments and colleges are free to set internal deadlines and application procedures which best suit their needs. Each college’s Outstanding Thesis/Project Committee is charged with submitting a complete nomination packet for each selected thesis and /or project.  The completed nomination packet is due to the Office of Graduate Studies via email at by 5:00 p.m. (TBA for 2023).

Questions about the award or the nomination procedures should be directed to the Office of Graduate Studies via email at

Outstanding Thesis and Outstanding Project Packets

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