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Graduate Studies

Checklist for Graduation

Step 1

Things to do prior to the posted Graduation Filing deadline

(Important Dates and Deadlines(opens in new window))

  1. Obtain the graduation application materials from the Graduate Studies website. These include the Graduation Application Form (PDF) and the Graduation Clearance Form (PDF).
  2. Complete the Graduation Application Form and take it to the Student Financial Services window in Student Services Center 230 to pay the graduation filing fee. The cashier will receipt the fee payment on the form and return the form to you for submission to the Office of Graduate Studies, Student Services Center 460.
  3. Fill out the Graduation Clearance Form (Instructions for Completing the Graduation Clearance Form) and obtain the signatures of your graduate coordinator and graduate advisory committee members. Please note that a Graduation Clearance Form is required even if you have previously submitted a Program Plan for your program.
  4. Submit the receipted Graduation Application Form and the signed Graduation Clearance Form to the Office of Graduate Studies in Student Services Center 460 by the graduation filing deadline for the semester in which you plan to graduate. If you are located outside of the Chico area, you may also mail in your application for graduation to the Office of Graduate Studies with a check or money order for the required fee payable to CSU, Chico.
  5. Update your contact information with the University (mailing and permanent addresses, telephone numbers and email address) through your student portal account. Be sure to continue to update this information if it changes during the graduation clearance process.

You are invited to contact the Office of Graduate Studies if you have any questions about the graduation application process or your clearance for the master's degree.

Step 2

Submission of Culminating Activity prior to the posted deadline

(Important Dates and Deadlines(opens in new window))

In addition to the course work requirements, graduate students must also complete any culminating activity required for their program before they can receive the master's degree. The Completion of Culminating Activity(opens in new window) page provides information on submitting the culminating activity to the Office of Graduate Studies as part of the process of Filing for Graduation.

*To register for Commencement Ceremonies (i.e., walk at graduation), the Master’s Commencement Ceremony(opens in new window) page provides links to register prior to the posted deadline (Important Dates and Deadlines(opens in new window)).

(If you need special accommodation to access any documents on this page, please contact the Office of Accessible Technology and Services.)