Graduate Studies

Early Commencement Participation Information ("Walking Early")

Who Can Submit an Appeal to Walk Early?

Candidates for the summer 2020 graduation cycle or candidates for the fall 2020 graduation cycle who have an exceptional reason to participate early.  For example, medical reasons, leaving the country, etc.  Students must be in good academic standing.

Important Notes:

  • Only a limited number of appeals will be approved each spring, based upon your explanation and available space.
  • You will be notified via e-mail within 10 working days of submittal if your appeal has been approved or declined.
  • Your name will not be printed in the current year’s Commencement program. Your name will appear in the spring 2021 program if all degree requirements are completed by the 20/21 academic year deadlines. You will want to prepare friends and family so they do not worry when they arrive at the ceremony and do not see your name in the program book.
  • Your name will be called at the ceremony if you are present.
  • An approval to participate in an early ceremony does not fill the requirement of applying to graduate. Students must apply or reapply for graduation for the term all degree requirements are completed. If you apply for the wrong term, you will have to re-apply for the correct term, and you will be charged an additional graduation application fee.
  • If you are granted permission to participate, you will receive an invitation to register for Commencement the same way graduating students do. You must submit the electronic registration form by May 1 to reserve a seat for yourself and to gain access to the online ticketing system for your guests.  

How to Submit an Appeal:

The Office of Graduate Studies must receive a letter of appeal from the student AND a statement of support from the student’s graduate advisory committee chair.  E-mail submission is preferred.  (If you choose to submit a paper version to the Office of Graduate Studies, signatures are required.)

  1. Students: Send letter of appeal to Jeanette Trombley at the Office of Graduate Studies. The letter of appeal must cite the reasons for the hardship to attend the spring 2021 ceremony.  Please provide your full name, Chico State student ID number, Chico State e-mail address, degree program, and expected semester of degree completion.
  2. Graduate advisory committee chair: Send a statement of support to Jeanette Trombley indicating the status of the culminating activity and expectations for program completion.
Deadline to submit an appeal to walk early: April 22, 2020