Graduate Studies

Dates and Deadlines

Application deadlines by graduate program, fee & registration deadlines, class start dates, and deadlines associated with master's graduation and commencement. See also: International Applicant Deadlines(opens in new window).

Spring 2024 Application filing period begins: August 1, 2023
Fall 2023 Application filing period begins: October 1, 2022

  • Application Deadlines
    Application Deadlines by Program
    Graduate / Post-Baccalaureate ProgramsFall DeadlinesSpring Deadlines
    Agricultural Education  (MS)July-1No spring admission
    Anthropology   (MA)January-10 No spring admission
    Art  (MA)March-1December-1 
    Biological Sciences  (MS)May-1December-1
    Business Administration  (MBA) April-29November-28 
    Business Administration  (MBA) - OnlineJuly-5December-10
    Communication Sciences & Disorders  (MA)January-15 No spring admission
    Communications Studies  (MA)April-1December-1
    Computer Science February-15No spring admission
    Credential Conditionally Classified   July-1December-7
    Education  (MA)May-1December-1

    Educational Technology & Distance Learning Certificate

    July-1No spring admission

    English  (MA)

    *Certificate in Teaching College-Level Writing

    Environmental Science  (MS)   March-1December-1
    Geosciences  (MS)March-1December-1

    History  (MA)

    *Certificate in Advanced Study in History 

    Interdisciplinary Studies  (MA or MS)May-1November-1
    Interdisciplinary Studies: MS Regenerative AgricultureMay-1November-1
    Interdisciplinary Studies: MS Wildland ManagementMay-1No spring admission
    Kinesiology  (MA)April-1December-1

    Language Teaching  (MA)

     *Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)   


    Nursing  (MS) 
        Nursing Leadership option - Fall admissions for even years only                        Nurse Educator option - Fall admissions for odd years only    

    May-10No spring admission
    Nutritional Science  (MS)June-1December-1
    Political Science  (MA)June-1December-1
    Preliminary Admin Services CredentialJuly-1No spring admission
    Psychology - MA Applied/School PsychologyFebruary-15No spring admission
    Psychology - MS Marriage and Family TherapyJanuary-1No spring admission
    Psychology - MA Psychological ScienceJanuary-20No spring admission
    Public Administration  (MPA) June-1December-1
    Social Science  (MA)April-15December-1
    Social Work   (MSW)January-15No spring admission
  • Fee, Registration, and Other Deadlines
    Graduate Studies Deadlines
    DescriptionFall 2022Spring 2023Summer 2023Fall 2023
    Registration for New Students7/25/2022 to 8/3/202212/5/2022 to
    TBA7/24/2023 to 8/2/2023
    Registration for Continuing Students04/25/2022 to 05/20/202210/24/2022 to 11/18/202204/03/2023 to 05/19/202304/24/2023 to 05/19/2023
    Fee Payment Deadline7/27/202212/8/20225/18/20237/26/2023
    Add/Drop Registration8/8/2022 to 9/2/20221/09/2023 to 2/3/20235/20/2023 to 8/15/20238/7/2023 to 9/1/2023
    Classes Begin8/22/20221/23/20236/1/20238/21/2023
    Application for Graduation Master's Degree9/19/20222/17/20236/12/20239/18/2023
    Continuous/Adjunct Enrollment9/19/20222/18/2023NA9/18/2023
    Thesis/Project submitted to
    Graduate Studies;
    or Oral/Comprehensive Exam
    Commencement Registration Deadline04/23/202304/23/202304/23/202304/23/2023
    Commencement Day5/17/20235/17/20235/15/20245/15/2024


  • In the event that a deadline falls on a day in which the campus is closed, the deadline will be extended to the next campus work day.
  • Deadlines may be extended - Call the Office of Graduate Studies at 530-898-6880 or email to verify program closures or extensions.

For information on non-state sessions call the Office of Regional and Continuing Education at 530-898-6105.