Graduate Studies

2022 Statewide CSU Student Research Competition

The 36th Annual CSU Student Research Competition was hosted virtually by San Francisco State University on April 29-30, 2022. 

Ten delegates selected from among local CSU, Chico Student Research Competition winners went on to compete against winners from across all 23 CSU campuses.

Both the local and statewide competitions are held to promote and recognize excellence in student scholarly research and creative activities. The participants submit a 5-page research description and give a short presentation before a panel of judges. Their work is judged on clarity of purpose, appropriateness of methodology, interpretation of results, clear articulation of the research, and ability to field questions from the jury and audience.

Congratulations to Elisabeth Kennedy, Geological Sciences master's student, who placed first in her session presenting her research entitled "Naturally Occurring Asbestos in the Rock Formations of Paradise and Magalia, CA." Kennedy's faculty mentor was Professor Hannah Aird.

Statewide competition coordinators thanked delegates for the significant time and effort put in and noted the outstanding quality of the work evident in the highly competitive sessions. The delegates and their mentors have much to be proud of. (See Chico State Today for more on the delegates and their research.) 


Cody Frazer, Grad, Biology

Troy Cline

Donavan Cervantes, Grad, Psychology

Marie Lippmann

Roxzel Soto Tellez, Undergrad, Sociology

Tonya Lindsey

Maria Navarro/Francisco Aguilera, Undergrad,
Concrete Insdustry Mgmt

Feraidon Ataie

Elisabeth Kennedy, Grad, Geology

Hannah Aird

Jordan Stifle, Grad, Psychology

Patrick Johnson

Sofia Rodriguez, Grad, Biology

David Stachura

Travis Souders, Grad, Communication Studies

Stephanie Hamel

Caylin Stanley, Grad, Biology

Troy Cline

Taylor Lambrigger, Grad, Anthroplogy

Eric Bartelink