Graduate Studies

Final Clearance for the Degree and Receipt of the Diploma

Following a favorable review and final evaluation of your records, your diploma will be sent to your permanent address on file in the Office of Graduate Studies.

You may change your diploma address through your portal account as needed. If the Office of Graduate Studies is not provided with a correct diploma address prior to the mailing of your diploma, a new one will not be provided. In this case, it will be necessary for you to request a replacement diploma (PDF) with the applicable fee. 

Also, be sure to resolve all financial obligations with the University at the time of your graduation so that no hold will be placed on the mailing of your diploma.

You are invited to contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 530-898-6880 if you have any questions.

Financial Obligations

All financial obligations with the University, including fines for overdue library books, bad checks, loans, etc., must be fulfilled before the diploma is issued. If you have questions regarding any campus debts, please contact Student Financial Services at 530-898-5936.