Graduate Studies

Social Science (MA)

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: April-1 (March-1 for international applicants)
  • Spring: November-1 (October-1 for international applicants)

Two letters of recommendation and statement of purpose.

Program Coordinator
Darin Haerle

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Is the MA in social science for you?

Do any of the following describe you?

  • Interested in a career working in higher education - working in student services on a college or university campus.
  • Want to design your course of study to meet your professional and personal goals.
  • A professional with specific career interests with the growing field of behavioral and social sciences.
  • Want flexibility to pursue a degree while you work.

conversation student and career counselor

Do these jobs sound interesting to you?

Our alumni are:

  • University administrative and student services staff
  • Grant writer
  • Nonprofit director
  • Homeless shelter supervisor
  • College counselor

Other possibilities are:

  • Civil servant
  • Teach K–12 and community college
  • Career counselor
  • Move on to PhD

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Is this the kind of salary you are seeking?

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows the following outlook for School and Career Counselors and Advisors(opens in new window):

Median Pay
$60,510 per year

Job Outlook
10% (Faster than average)

School counselors work in public and private schools. Career counselors and advisors are employed primarily in colleges and universities but also work in career centers and private practice. Both types of counselors usually work full time.

Kendall Hall in Fall

What if my bachelor’s isn’t in social science?

You can still pursue this degree if your undergraduate degree was in a different field. Occasionally, it may require some prerequisites to bring you up to speed. Talk to the graduate coordinator for details.

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How long will it take?

  • The Master of Social Science is a 30-unit program which takes two years to complete.

What is it like to be an social science master’s student?

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Focused Coursework

  • Focused coursework in specific areas of interest in behavioral or social sciences.
  • Choose a specific interdisciplinary theme, topic, or problem.

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Faculty Advisors

  • Work closely with graduate coordinator and faculty advisors.

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Local Internships

  • Many opportunities for local hands-on internships.

Here's What Our Students Are Saying

Why did you choose the Social Science master’s program at CSU, Chico?
Interdisciplinary flexibility, CLP Certificate plus relevance to campus. Enjoyed previous professors.

What are a few positive aspects of the courses and program?
Can utilize all of behavioral and social sciences (BSS). Flexibility. Decide your own courses and make your own schedule. Variety.

What is a good catch phrase for this MA program?
Customizable interdisciplinary approach to graduate education. Flexibility. Variability. Create your own schedule.

What are your anticipated career options for this degree?
Higher education on campus. Working with students.

How are you applying things you have learned in the program in your personal and work life?
The program teaches resourcefulness from being able to make your own path. Topics are relevant to real-life situations. There is a difference between learning things and doing things. I am applying what I’ve learned by working in higher education.