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Student Research Competition

2019 Presenters, Presentation Titles, Mentors, and Judges (PDF)

View example Student Research Competition presentations:

2018 Second Place Winner and Second Place Winner at the statewide competition Sommer Casady - Characterization of an Epithermal Deposit within the Antelope Valley Volcanic Center, Sierra County, California(opens in new window).

2018 First place winner and statewide delegate Rebecca Belmonte - The Role of SON in Blood Development(opens in new window)

2018 participant and statewide alternate delegate Cab Esposito - The Implications of Land Use and Population Projections on Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems(opens in new window)

2018 Third place winner and statewide delegate Dotun Olubeko - The Effects of Sulforaphane on Intercellular Communication in the Tumor Microenvironment(opens in new window)

2018 participant Tina Hansen - Analysis of Novel Inhibitors in the GRP 2SH to Domain at Decrease(opens in new window)

2018 participant and statewide alternate delegate Payton Laurie - cc144 Suppression Negatively Impacts Hematoiesis(opens in new window)

2017 First place winner and statewide delegate Erika Anderson - Are You Listening to Me?(opens in new window)

2017 Third place winner Maria Olson - Reflections on Cuba - What My Professional Development Trip Taught Me About Intercultural Communication and Competence(opens in new window)

2017 participant Marcia Koehn - Policies and their Implications for Masters in Social Work Students with a Criminal Conviction(opens in new window)

2017 participant Kate Scowsmith - Making Sense of the 70%(opens in new window)

Student presents research at local competition that eventually wins first place at the state competition.Judges ask questions of student presenter.Student presenter team responds to judges questions.Student connects with faculty and guests during refreshment break.Team of presenters stand in front of their first slide projected in back of them.Student responds to audience questions following her presentation.Judges listen to presentation while student and faculty mentor sit in audience.

Presenters, judges, and guests enjoy catered dinner.

Student accepts prize at the end of the event.

Students visit during refreshment break.

Student presents research.

Student explains his research.

Presenter team distributes hand outs during presentation.

Students enjoy presentation of awards at the end of the evening.

Student walks up to receive his award.

Student stands presenting research in front of multicolored slide projected on screen.

Students wait to break into small groups to present their research in front of judges.

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