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Graduate Studies

2013 Presenters

2013 List of Presenters (PDF)

27th Annual Student Research Competition Top Presenters

Congratulations to the top presenters of the CSU, Chico 27th Annual Student Research Competition held March 6, 2013!

Top Presenters

Dustin Bakkie, Kinesiology (MS).
"Foot Strike Patterns in Sub-Elite Half Marathon Runners."
Mentors: Dr. Melissa Mache and Dr. ChengTu Hsieh, Kinesiology

Joanna Bloese, (Studio Art Minor).
"Four Hands Are Better Than Two: Making the Case for Collaboration As Seen Through the Glass Studio.”
Mentor: Mr. Robert Herhusky, Art

Erin E. Gottschalk Fisher, Botany (MS).
"Evaluating the Potential for Introduction and Restoration of Two Rare Vernal Pool Grasses, Colusa Grass and Greene's Tuctoria.”
Mentor: Dr. Collen Hatfield, Biological Sciences

Michael Clark Fitzpatrick, English (MA).
"Out of Many, One: Against Ted Sider's (Against Parthood)."
Mentor: Dr. Ed Pluth, Philosophy

Mark Gaynor, Philosophy (BS).
"A Justification-Based Conception of Moral Responsibility."
Mentor: Dr. Robert Jones, Philosophy

Michelle Johnson, Psychology (BA).
"Is It Just a Game? Investigating the Use of Domain-General or Domain-Specific Measures in Athletes."
Mentor: Dr. David Hibbard, Psychology

Luke Milliron, Agricultural Science (BS).
"Stem-Water Potential Reading Variability in Olive (Olea Europaea).”
Mentor: Dr. Richard Rosecrance, Agriculture

Kyle Morgado, Interdisciplinary Studies (MS).
"Effects of Ground Water Pumping for Water Transfers on Ground Water Elevations in the Sacramento Valley.”
Mentor: Dr. Steffen Mehi, Civic Engineering and Dr. Eric Houk, Agriculture

Tyson Randall, Environmental Science (MS).
"Lidar Observations of Fine-Scale Gravity Waves in the Nocturnal Boundary Layer.”
Mentor: Dr. Shane Mayor, Physics

Jody Ryker, Mathematics (BS).
"Torsion of Elliptic Curves over Quadratic Fields.”
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Mattman, Mathematics and Statistics


Amanda Gerson, Nutritional Science (MS).
"The Harvest of the Month Program Successfully Promotes Vegetable Selection and Consumption among First Graders from Low-Income Schools Using Digital Photography Method."
Mentor: Dr. Keiko Goto, Nutrition and Food Science

Andrew Boyd, MBA.
"Facility Conditions: A Review on the CSU Capital Outlay Program and Its Impacts to the CSU Chico Campus."
Mentor: Dr. Jeff Trailer, Management Department

Melina Taylor, Anthropology (MA).
"Public Health Education and Outreach Strategies in the Gambia, West Africa."
Mentor: Dr. Jesse Dizard, Anthropology

Gail A. Kirk, Communication (MA).
"The Mirror: Facing Self-Stereotypes and Their Impact on Veterans."
Mentor: Dr. Susan Avanzino, Communication Arts and Sciences

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