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2015 List of Presenters (PDF)

29th Annual Student Research Competition Top Presenters

Congratulations to the top presenters of the CSU, Chico 29th Annual Student Research Competition held March 4, 2015!

On that evening, 17 students were vying for a chance to be 1 of 10 student researchers from our campus selected to compete against hundreds of other students at the CSU Statewide Research Competition held at CSU, San Bernardino, May 1 and 2.

Both the local and statewide competitions are held to promote and recognize excellence in student scholarly research and creative activities. The participants submit a 5-page research description and give a short presentation before a panel of judges. Their work is judged on clarity of purpose, appropriateness of methodology, interpretation of results, clear articulation of the research, and ability to field questions from the jury and audience.

As usual, the judges, other presenters, and audience members were impressed and inspired by the quality and rigor of the students' work. Selecting the winners and runners-up this year was a particularly challenging task for our judges.

Thanks to all of the students who participated and the faculty mentors who supported them. Again, our congratulations to these Top Presenters:

Top Presenters

Kevin Anderson, MS Geosciences/Hydrology
“Modeled Effects of Rice Field Fallowing on Groundwater Systems in the Sacramento Valley, CA”
Mentor: Dr. Steffen Mehl & Dr. Eric Houk

Kelsey Beers Caldwell, MA Communication Studies
“Domestic Violence; Not a Deal Breaker: An Analysis of #WhyIStayed Tweets”
Mentor: Dr. Susan Avanzino

Juan Manuel Diaz, BS Mechanical Engineering
“Butte County Compressed Air for Energy Storage Power Plant Sizing”
Mentor: Dr. David G. Alexander

Shauna Gowdy, MSW Social Work
“Father Engagement Practices”
Mentor: Dr. Susan Roll

Masaki Hamada, MS Environmental Science
“Optimization of the Cross-correlation Algorithm Using Synthetic Backscatter Images and Synthetic Wind Velocity Fields”
Mentor: Dr. Shane D. Mayor

Keerthana Sekar, MS Biological and Biomedical Sciences
“Impact of H5N1 influenza virus replication on macrophage function”
Mentor: Dr. Troy Cline

Ravi Shankar, BS Mathematics
“Estimating Wave Collapse Times”
Mentors: Dr. Sergei Formin

Alexander Stanton, MS Biology
“Deacetylation as a mechanism for repression of microRNA-375, a factor involved in Type 2 Diabetes”
Mentor: Dr. David Keller

Rodney Thomson, BA History
“The Evolution of Anti-War Activism at Chico State College, 1959-1966”
Mentor: Dr. Jason Nice

Crystal Vasquez, BS Nutrition & Food Science
“Association of Parental Attitudes and Restrictions during Childhood on College Students’ Eating Habits”
Mentor: Dr. Julie Holland


Robert Maxwell Barnes, BS Economics/Statistics
“Sign of Hope – Help One Child Foundation Independent Survey”
Mentor: Dr. Dustin Paisley

Tessa Hanson, BS Exercise Physiology
“Baseball Feet-First Sliding Technique”
Mentor: Dr. Cheng Tu Hsieh

Zachary Lamm, BS Exercise Physiology
“Attack height and jump height for men’s volleyball players”
Mentor: Dr. Cheng Tu Hsieh

Tina Candelo Mize, BS Agricultural Sciences (option in Crops and Horticulture)
“Effects of biochar and rice hull amended compost on potting media and native soil”
Mentor: Dr. Kasey DeAtley

Lindsey Runge, MS Psychological Sciences
“The Theories of Sexism Measure: Differentiating Between Fixed and Malleable Perspectives toward Sexist Attitudes”
Mentor: Dr. Linda Kline

Kevin Svahn, BA English Education
“Creative Writing Project: A Personal Essay”
Mentor: Dr. Robert Davidson

Melissa Ann Sutton, Biology-Ecology
“Geometric Morphometric analysis of Lynx rufus to examine potential divergence of subpopulations due to geographic specialization”
Mentor: Tag Engstrom

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