WellCat Health Center

FAQ - Insurance

Do I have to have medical insurance to use the Health Center?  If not, why would I need health insurance if there is a Health Center in the university?

You do not need insurance to be seen at The WellCat Health Center; visits are covered by your health fee. To receive services you must present a valid, legible Chico State ID. Although many of our services are free there are nominal charges for lab work, prescriptions and supplies. 

The Student Health Fee only covers services available at the WellCat Health Center. Payment for medical care provided outside of the WellCat Health Center is the responsibility of the student or their health insurance plan.

We recommend maintaining a health insurance plan for management of chronic illness or in the event of unexpected needs, such as ER care, hospitalization or referral. For those who are uninsured we offer assistance in applying for Medi-Cal or the county medical services plan.

My parents have me under their health insurance.  Does the Health Center accept health insurance?

No. If you pay for prescriptions, immunizations, or lab fees that your health insurance covers, you can get receipts to bill your insurance. Your insurance will determine if our services are eligible for reimbursement to you.

What if I am a Kaiser patient?

When planning for your health care needs in the Chico area; please be aware there are no local Kaiser facilities. If you have a chronic condition requiring regular medical care or prescriptions; you will want to plan ahead with your doctor in regard to ongoing follow up care and to assure you do not run out of medications. The closest Kaiser pharmacy and doctor’s offices are in the Lincoln and Roseville areas about 60-90 miles south of Chico.

What if I have an HMO plan?

An HMO plan requires that you are assigned a primary care doctor to coordinate referrals and testing. The WellCat Health Center is not enrolled in any health insurance plans, thus we cannot serve as the primary care provider (PCP). In the event we recommend a referral or testing off campus; this is something that your primary care doctor will have to coordinate. For those with chronic medical conditions, finding a local PCP can make this coordination of care simpler.

Where can I learn more about buying insurance through the state exchange?

You can learn more about buying insurance through the California Health Insurance Exchange(opens in new window).